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Troy University

Contact Information:
Troy University - The Distance Learning Center
304 Wallace Hall
Troy, AL 36082

Phone: (800) 270-4093
Fax: (334) 670-5679
Website: http://www.troy.edu

Online degree programs:
Master of Science in International Relations
Master of Science in Human Resources Management
Master of Science in Criminal Justice
Master of Science in Management
Master of Public Administration
Master of Education in Instructional Technology

And through Blended Distance Learning Methodologies:
Executive Master of Business Administration
Master of Science in Nursing

Admission Requirements:
Contact the Troy University Admission Office for Distance Learning at 334-670-5877 or visit our web site at www.troy.edu

Tuition Costs:
Our tuition is $280 per credit for a total of $840 for a 3 credit course for 2002-2003.

Learning Environment for students:
Our Distance Learning Program at Troy University is successful, serving over 2000 students worldwide, because we hold fast to traditional values, such as ensuring academic excellence and providing quality service for students. Our students are professional adult working students, from all branches of the military services and in businesses and industry world-wide. Students tell us this world-wide perspective is highly appreciated and valued in their Online learning experience with Troy University. Our six online master degrees are great for working adults who often have family commitments as well as their professional career. The "any-time, any-where" course is available for our students 24/7. The classes are available late evening, early morning, or on the weekend when traditional classes are closed. Many of our students live or work too far away from a university to continue their education. However, through the Internet, their educational goals are obtainable. These working professionals want a management or public administration degree, or a degree in international relations, criminology, or education. We listen closely to our adult learners who are hardworking people like you and I.

Tsulearn.net is where our students locate program and class information and enter into their online classrooms. All of our Online Classrooms are delivered through the BlackBoard Courseware. The award was for ease of use and for well-organized, quality information. Our focus at Troy University is on Quality education and quality information. Quality does not only mean top-notch learning but also helpful information and good communication so that students can focus on their learning without distractions.

Troy University is accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

Our student service is build on 50 years of quality, world-wide distance learning experience with absolutely the best practices on the Web helping the professional, adult student to learn and earn graduate degrees in a way which works best for them - through an "any-where, any-time" format. Our support at the Distance Learning Center includes round-the clock maintenance of our on-line courseware, easy to reach staff with quick responses to inquiries, advice from an academic chair or faculty on degree program plans, frequent and well-planned course offerings which you can see on the web-site two years in advanceŘand faculty who are highly qualified, well-trained, experienced, sensitive and excited to be working closely with adult learners, on-line, all over the world.